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Advanced Formatting in Microsoft Word

Whether you are writing your dissertation or your first novel, there are times that call for a more sophisticated level of formatting in your document. Last month, we delved into what causes those pesky formatting errors that seem to plague Word documents so often. This month, we will show you some seldom-used formatting tricks that will add an even higher level of professionalism to your paper. Section 1: Advanced Page Numbering Microsoft Word’s base page numbering options will accomplish what you need it to do 80% of the time. However, what if you don’t want to put a page number on your...

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Microsoft Word: How to Fix Those Pesky Formatting Issues

When it comes to word processing, there is no doubt that Microsoft Word is the go-to program (although Mac users could make a pretty good argument for Pages). However, for all of the convenience and usefulness Word provides us, we’ve all had to deal with its unfathomable desire to format for us. It could happen at any time, to anyone and we’ve all been tempted to chuck our Macs or PCs straight out of the office window because of it. Luckily, FCDW is here to save your computer, your window, and your mind with these useful tips to fix those pesky formatting errors. Diagnostics The first major...

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Top Three Time-Saving Tricks for Microsoft Word

[Originally published in The Coloradoan on 7/19/12] There always seems to be something in Microsoft Word we can’t figure out, right? Besides being a powerful word processing application, Word has a wide reach of capabilities in many other areas. However, wouldn’t it be nice to know the cool tricks that all the pros use? Here is a list of my top three tricks for Word. Table of Contents For longer documents that require a table of contents, you have two choices to build it. You can either manually create it at the end of your project, or use the built-in features of Word and have...

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