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Terms and Conditions

**Enrollment in any course at The Fort Collins Digital Workshop (FCDW) requires that you (the Student) have read and will abide by the following terms and conditions.


The Fort Collins Digital Workshop does not provide pre-screening or assessments for students. It is the responsibility of each student to evaluate the prerequisites of each course and ensure that they feel qualified to move beyond each level on their own.

We will not prevent any student from skipping the lower level classes, but we will be glad to offer our advice on which level is best for each student based on their experiences and skill level. We highly recommend that each student begin in the Level 1/Beginner’s classes to build a strong foundation of skills for each course attended. Please call us at (970) 980-8091 to discuss course options.

Equal Opportunity Student Eligibility

Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to enroll for any of our courses. All of our courses are non-accredited. Anyone under the age of 18 wishing to attend a course must provide written consent from a parent or legal guardian before the course date.

The FCDW does not prohibit anyone from attending our courses based on race, gender, color, national origin, disability, or age.

Cancellations / Rescheduling by Student (PLEASE READ)

Cancellations are allowed according to the following table:

If you are unable to attend the scheduled course with more than two (2) weeks notice before the scheduled course date, or if you would like to re-schedule to the next available course date or cancel, you must provide written notice (via email) of your decision.  

Within two (2) weeks of the course date/time, cancellations or re-scheduling by a student is considered a ‘LATE CANCELLATION’ and will be allowed via email or fax request. Please note: late cancellations are subject to a $55 cancellation fee per student.

Within two (2) business days (48 hours) of your course date/time, you are NOT able to re-schedule or cancel your course. (Emergency exceptions will be made by the Training Director on a case-by-case basis only.)

Why is there a cancellation fee? Why can’t I re-schedule within 48 hours?
Our courses are subject to run based on the minimum number of students for a given class. If the FCDW needs to cancel or re-schedule the class, we need at least 48 hours notice so we can alert the other students, instructor, and administrative personnel. We also strive to provide an interactive classroom experience, and we cannot do this if there is not a minimum number of students to do so due to late or last-minute cancellations.

This policy is in effect as of December 1, 2011.


In accordance with the aforementioned Cancellation Policy, refunds are given in full with two or more weeks notice of your scheduled course.

Within two (2) weeks time of your scheduled course, a refund minus a LATE CANCELLATION fee of $55 per student will be given. Written notice must be given of your request for a refund and/or cancellation by email.

If you drop a class within two (2) business days (48 hours) of your scheduled course start date, NO refund will be provided.

This policy is in effect as of December 1, 2011.

Retake eligibility

A student has the option for one (1) free “retake” of the same course (when indicated) taken at the Fort Collins Digital Workshop.  This retake registration is non-transferable, and no textbooks are provided (students are asked to bring their original textbooks with them to the retake course).

A retake is only available for students who attended the originally scheduled course. If you do not attend your scheduled course, you are not eligible for a retake.

A retake course has no redeemable value and is not eligible for a refund of any kind.

If a student is registered for a course as a retake student and the course is cancelled for any reason, FCDW will allow the student to register as a retake for a different class until the retake bonus has been satisfied. Courses must meet minimum enrollment numbers of registered students in order to run.

In the event that a class is filled with registered students, a retake student may be placed on a wait list and will be notified of their class status immediately.

Why can’t I use my retake if I missed the class?
The retake benefit of the FCDW courses is intended for people to brush up on their skills after they learn the material in class. It is not to be used as a fallback in the case of a schedule conflict. As mentioned above, in order to provide the best classroom experience, we do not want registered students to skip the class. Emergency exceptions will be made by the Training Director on a case-by-case basis only.

Cancellations / Rescheduling by The FCDW

If course enrollment at the Fort Collins Digital Workshop does not meet our minimum requirement of students, the course may be cancelled or rescheduled. Participants will be notified prior to the start of scheduled course, typically with 48 hours of advanced notice.

Following our goals of limiting the number of cancellations and/or reschedules, students may be notified as late as the day of the course of a scheduled course. In the event of a FCDW cancellation, a full refund will be available, or the paid balance may be applied toward another upcoming course at the Fort Collins Digital Workshop. We never want to cancel a course, but, unfortunately, it does happen.

Privacy Policy

The Fort Collins Digital Workshop, LLC does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or non-affiliated companies except to provide products or services you’ve requested, when we have your permission. We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that protect personal information about you that may be stored in our records.